Follow Your Passion...

The definition of the word Passion according to Wikipedia:

Noun -
1. Any great powerful emotion such as love or hate
2. An object of passionate love or of strong interest, as in:

It started as a hobby but now quilting has become my passion.

I have a checklist of sorts before I start any new project. If this is a gift someone is ordering, I try and find out all I can about the recipient. Favorite colors, where will the quilt be used and of course what colors NOT to use along with other likes/dislikes.

The fabric choices today have come along way from the calicos and ginghams that were readily available in the local fabric shop. I love, love, love color so today's fabric collections really get me excited!

Right now, I have four projects in the works. Sounds like a lot I know, but that doesn't even include the other crafts I have started! Two of the four quilts are for my new home, which will be a whole new post, and two are gifts. This is what keeps me going - could you tell, I like being busy.

Which brings me to why I opened a quilting business. The love of color, design and beautiful fabrics keeps me yearning for more and keeps my creative side awake. I have thought about opening a business for many years but sometimes LIFE got in my way and the dream would be shelved. I knew one day it would happen I just had to be patient.

Then, one day, my husband said: Follow Your Passion...

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